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THANK YOU to all who supported the 13th Annual Golf Tournament and Fundraiser!!!

Our 13th Annual Golf Tournament and Fundraiser was held on June 17th at the New Prague Golf Course. 

It was a great opportunity to get the New Prague Wrestling community together and celebrate last years season while working together to raise some funds in support of our future wrestlers.

Thank You to all who golfed, donated and supported!  New Prague Wrestling is lucky to be supported by such a generous group of Wrestling fans!

Thank You to all of the wrestlers! Your attitudes and reputations on and off the mat makes it easy for us to support you!  We are proud of each and every one of you!

In case you were not able to attend in person.  Besides all of the fun, you also missed the following:

1st Place:
Chris Weeman, Jake Witt, Hunter Witt, Zach Dobanoski

2nd Place:
Pete Kartak, Jim Vaughan, Dan Vaughan, Joe Vaughan

17th Place:
Paul Tisdel, Brandon Busch, Nick Rohy, Chad Skluzacek

Putting Contest:
Jake Witt

Hole #6 Mens Longest Drive:
Matt Palmer

Hole #9 Longest Putt:
Matt Hermann

Hole #10 Womens Longest Drive:
Steph LaBelle

Hole #18 Longest Putt:
Jared Elliott

Raffle Winners:                                                                       Ticket sold by:
Grand Prize $1000 cash - Madi Westall                 Brady Westall
Ace Hardware's Traeger Grill - Gina Lester          Miles Melgaard
Odenthal Meat's 1/2 Hog - Andy Shepard           Landon Shepard
$500 Cash - Chad Lemair                                                Logan Wenninger
1 - $100 Cash #1 of 10 - Brian Berken                     Braylee Botler
1 - $100 Cash #2 of 10 - Nick Totanelli                   Charlie Wenninger
1 - $100 Cash #3 of 10 - Taylor Broome                 Hunter Roneker
1 - $100 Cash #4 of 10 - Nikki Wenstad                 Chase Wenstad
1 - $100 Cash #5 of 10 - Coleen Sullivan               Tommie Sullivan
1 - $100 Cash #6 of 10 - Sarah Kallal                        Azaylea Kallal
1 - $100 Cash #7 of 10 - Tonya Vanasek                 Thomas Vanasek
1 - $100 Cash #8 of 10 - James Wright                    Miles Artmann
1 - $100 Cash #9 of 10 - Kaylee Verhoeven          Autumn Verhoeven
1- $100 Cash #10 of 10 - Tori Riebel                         Teva Feit

Minor Prize #1 - Jen Eller
Lrg Blk NP Trojan Wrestling T-Shirt                           Braxton Eller
Minor Prize #2 - Ray Kadlec
XL Blk NP Trojan Wrestling T-Shirt                             Luke Herder
Minor Prize #3 - Andy Shepard
XL Blk NP Trojan Wrestling T-Shirt                             Landon Shepard
Minor Prize #4 - Ken Pass
XL Blk NP Wrestling T-Shirt                                             Lennox Theis
Minor Prize #5 - Jacob Raleigh
XL Wh NP Wrestling T-Shirt                                            Wyatt Beelow
Minor Prize #6 - Mark Anderson
1 - $25 Amazon Gift Card                                                  Luke Herder
Minor Prize #7 - Jim Westall
1 - $25 Amazon Gift Card                                                  Bo Westall
Minor Prize #8 - Karen Dorick
1 - $25 Amazon Gift Card                                                  Grayden Dorick
Minor Prize #9 - Katie Lofton
1 - $25 Amazon Gift Card                                                  Graham Lofton
Minor Prize #10 - Heather Fry
1 - $25 Amazon Gift Card                                                  Charlie Wenninger

New Prague Trojans - Section 2AA Champions

They did it! You have worked so hard as a team and have so much to be proud of. Thank you to all the fans that were cheering loud. The crowd was incredible and we are so grateful to have the support from our community!

4 Trojan Wrestlers Sign National Letter of Intent

Four New Prague Trojan wrestlers sign their National Letter of intent to wrestle collegiately (a program record) . Please join us in congratulating the wrestlers, their families, teammates, and coaches that helped them build character & success:

  • Colton Bornholdt (St Cloud State University)
  • Koy Buesgens (North Carolina State)
  • Evan Farley (Minnesota State University-Mankato)
  • Joey Novak (University of Wyoming)


Doc Berg Classic - The Foundation & Tradition

The New Prague Wrestling Booster Club is hosting the Doc Berg Classic on Sunday 12/04/2022 for youth wrestlers.  The tournament exemplifies the dedication and commitment that Dr. John Berg instilled in our youth wrestlers.  He started the tournament in 1977 and was later joined by his son, Dr Mark Berg as a tournament director who continued the tournaments success.  Dr John Berg is a 2021 inductee into the Minnesota chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Thank you Dr. Berg's for your character and dedication to developing future community leaders!

New Prague Wrestling Community pulls off ANOTHER successful Golf Tournament and Fundraiser!

The 12th Annual New Prague Wrestling Golf Tournament was held on June 18th at the New Prague Golf Course.  This event is a community wide effort.  Support and generosity comes from every where and everyone should be very proud of what was accomplished.  Thank you to all sponsors, donors, golfers and everyone in attendance.  Our weather was perfect!!   Thank you to those who were unable to attend but still supported through our online silent auction and/or bought raffle tickets! 

Thank you to all of the wrestlers!  Your attitudes and reputations on and off the mat makes it easy for us to support you!  We are proud of each and every one of you!

Below is a recap of golf awards and raffle results:

1st Place:
Simon Kallal, Charlie Wagner, Phil Simon, & Kevin Solheid

2nd Place:
Larry Schoenecker, Jed Hankenson, Bernie Rosckes, & Marty Schoenecker

3rd Place (random draw from the field):
Tommy Schneider, Jordan Schneider, Josh Artmann & Leah Artmann

Putting Contest winner:
Jacob Vaughan
(After a "putt off" between Jacob & Holly Hoffman)

Hole #6 Men's longest drive:
Tom Eaton

Hole #9 longest putt:
Mike Summerbell

Hole #10 Women's longest drive:
Traci Feit

Hole #18 longest putt:
Dr. Jim Buesgens

RAFFLE WINNERS:                                                                   Ticket sold by:
Grand Prize $1000 cash - Liz Hoey                              Thomas Vanasek
ACE Hardware's Traeger Grill - Brianna Braith     Joey Novak
Odenthal Meat's 1/2 Hog - Randal Bruegger         Jovie Bruegger
1 - $100 Cash #1 of 10 - Katie Lofton                        Destiney Lofton
1 - $100 Cash #2 of 10 - Megan Bruegger              Gabe Bruegger
1 - $100 Cash #3 of 10 - Dan Horejsi                         Luke Schoenecker
1 - $100 Cash #4 of 10 - Michelle Dunkel               NPGC
1 - $100 Cash #5 of 10 - Justin Schmitz                   Jordan Schmitz
1 - $100 Cash #6 of 10 - Karen Krenik                      Wyatt Miller
1 -$100 Cash #7 of 10 -  Kim & Greg Sather          Luke Jacobson
1 - $100 Cash #8 of 10 - Jack & Karen Keenan    Henry Langeberg
1 - $100 Cash #9 of 10 - Tom Chromy                       Luke Schoenecker
1 - $100 Cash #10 of 10 - Charlie Wagner             Charlie Wagner

Minor prize - Jed Trachte                                                  Charlie Wagner
1 -White NP Wrestling Rtic 20oz tumbler
Minor prize - Kathy Blonigen                                          Charlie Wenninger
1 - White NP Wrestling Rtic 20oz tumbler
Minor prize - Mary Vanasek                                            Charlie Wagner
1 - $25 Red Lobster Gift card
Minor prize - Lindsay Barten                                           Grady Wagner
1 - XXL Black NP Wrestling T-Shirt
Minor prize - Ken Sticha                                                     Brady Westall
1 - XL Black NP Wrestling T-Shirt
Minor prize - Mike Bauer                                                   Andrew Bauer
1 - XL White NP Wrestling T-Shirt
Minor prize - Christina Ricketts                                     Ethan Ricketts
1 - XL White NP Wrestling long sleeve shirt
Minor prize - Larry Schoenecker                                   NPGC
1 - Lg Black NP Wrestling T-Shirt
Minor prize - Joel Langeberg                                           Henry Langeberg
1 - Lg White NP Wrestling T-Shirt
Minor prize - Renae Crabb                                               Connor Crabb
1 - Med. Gray NP Wrestling T-Shirt w/big Trojan print
Minor prize - Rachel Flaskey                                           Charlie Wenninger
1 - Med. Gray NP Wrestling T-Shirt w/small Trojan print
Minor prize - Jacque Bittner                                           Joey Novak
1 - Sm Gray NP Wrestling T-Shirt w/ small Trojan print
Minor prize - Sue Soukup                                                  Henry Langeberg
1 - NP Wrestling "Trucker Hat"
Minor prize - Jeff Voigt                                                       Will Farley
1 - NP Wrestling "Trucker Hat"

Winners of the 2022-2023 MSHSL State Tournament all session student passes:
1 - Thomas Vanasek
1 - Hunter Roneker
1 - Thomas Vanasek

New Prague Wrestling sends 7 Youth to the NYWA State Tournament!

New Prague Wrestling had 7 Youth Wrestlers qualify and compete in the NYWA State Tournament.  To qualify wrestlers who placed 1st or 2nd in a district tournament advanced to the regional tournament.  At regions, a wrestler must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the weight class to advance to State (with the exception of the "wildcard" region which advances the top 4 to state).  Then those who placed 4th, 5th, or 6th place at regions can advance to the Invite tournament if they wish.  Results for the 7 New Prague Youth are as follows:

K 45lbs Braxton Eller 2-2 DNP
K 60lbs Colston Hermann 1-2 DNP
1st-2nd 61lbs Charlie Novak 3-3 6th Place
1st-2nd 75lbs Jaxton Hermann 2-2 DNP
1st-2nd 80lbs Bo Westall 5-1 3rd Place
1st-2nd 80lbs Braxton Turney 1-2 DNP
Invite 1st-2nd 50B Logan Rau 0-2 DNP

Congratulations Young Trojans!  The entire New Prague Wrestling Community is proud of you!!!  We can't wait to help support your future.

[mahynd-set]   noun
the driving force in the quest for success and achievement, a mindset that combines discipline, strength, confidence, and ambition is a powerful mindset.  this can achieve anything it sets its sights on.

Young Trojans compete and do well at the 2022 MN USA State Tournament!

Another MN USA State Tournament is in the record books.  New Prague Wrestling was well represented by the 46 Youth wrestlers who  competed. This year changes were made to the Tournament qualification process.  To qualify at the boys Intermediate and Novice age group all wrestlers had to place top 3 at a regional tournament.  These changes meant smaller brackets but tougher competition in Rochester.  Congratulations to those who competed.  The entire New Prague Wrestling Community is proud of you!!!

Here are a few fun statistics and the results of all New Prague Youth wrestlers from MN USA State.

Registered Wrestlers:
1. Summit Wrestling Academy 55
2.  New Prague Wrestling 46
3. Blaine 31
4. Centennial Youth Wrestling 31
5. Stillwater Area Wrestling 30

Most Pins Least Time:
1. Summit Wrestling Academy 69 pins in 111min. 24sec.
2. New Prague Wrestling 43 pins in 73min. 43 sec.
3. Centennial Youth Wrestling 36 pins in 48min. 15sec.

Most Total Match Points:
1. Summit Wrestling Academy 1031
2. Stillwater Area Wrestling 493
3. New Prague Wrestling 491

6U PeeWee (scratch weight)
Bracket B:
Jack Luchsinger 0-2 DNP
Bracket E:
Colton Akre 0-2 DNP
Bracket F:
Colston Hermann 0-2 4th Place

8U Bantam (scratch weight)
Bracket A:
Braxton Eller 4-1 3rd Place
Charlie Wenninger 3-2 4th Place
Bracket B:
Jack Wagner  4-2 5th Place
Bracket C:
Logan Rau 1-2 DNP
Bracket F:
Lucas Bauer 3-3 6th Place
Bracket G:
Aden Czepa 4-1 3rd Place
Bracket H:
Sawyer Wangen 2-2 DNP
Bracket I:
Ben Luchsinger 4-2 5th Place
Bracket K:
Bo Westall 3-1 3rd Place

10U Intermediate
56lbs Jack Hogan 3-3 6th Place
63lbs Logan Wenninger 0-2 DNP
67lbs Asher Theis 1-2 DNP
84lbs Thomas Vanasek 0-2 DNP
84lbs Owen Czepa 1-2 DNP

12U Novice
67lbs Ryan Connelly 1-2 DNP
67lbs Charlie Wagner 3-2 4th Place
70lbs Graham Lofton 1-2 DNP
98lbs Wyatt Miller 0-2 DNP
98lbs Evan Czepa 0-2 DNP
108lbs Charley Kallal 1-2 DNP
135lbs Partick Sullivan 2-2 DNP

14U Schoolboy/Schoolgirl
77lbs Henry Langeberg 2-2 DNP
92lbs Grady Connelly 3-2 5th Place
97lbs Mason Deutsch 1-2 DNP
102lbs Forester Lofton 1-2 DNP
102lbs Zach Weeman 0-2 DNP
119lbs Cody Thompson 2-2 4th Place
165lbs Owen Johnson 3-0 CHAMPION

16U Cadet

88lbs Elijah Lofton 1-2 4th Place
113lbs Isaac Pumper 1-2 DNP
152lbs Landon Shepard 1-2 DNP
160lbs Jagger Knutson 0-2 DNP

Girls 6U PeeWee (scratch weight)
Bracket B:
Harlyn Theis 1-1 2nd Place

Girls 8U Bantam  (scratch weight)
Bracket A:
Jovie Bruegger 0-2 DNP
Bracket B:
Lennox Theis 0-2 DNP
Bracket D:
Livie Kallal 2-2 3rd Place

Girls 10U Intermediate (scratch weight)

Bracket D:
Julia Kallal 1-1 2nd Place
Bracket F:
Hope Lofton 1-2 3rd Place
Bracket G:
Vivian Harms 0-2 3rd Place

Girls 12U Novice (scratch weight)

Bracket A:
Vika Koren 0-0 CHAMPION
Bracket C:
Azalea Kallal 3-0 CHAMPION
Bracket D:
Ivy LaBelle 0-3 4th Place


Former Trojan Nick Novak Advances To DIV II Nationals

Nick Novak Freshman wrestler at St. Could St. ranked #15, advanced to the Division II National tournament in St Louis on March 11th and 12th. Nick went in as the 4 seed and knocked off the #7 ranked #1 seed Wyatt Turnquist of Northern State 7-1 in the Semi-finals. Nick would then go on to beat the #2 seed 16th ranked Hunter Burnett of Augustana 4-1 in the finals.

Congratulations Nick!

Trojans Advance 6 To The Xcel Energy Center

The Trojans ended up with 5 Section Champions and 1 runner-up to send a total of 6 wrestlers to the State tournament next weekend.

The six going to the X are:

106 Lawson Eller 2nd Place
138 Koy Buesgens Champion
145 Colton Bornholdt Champion 
152 Evan Farley Champion
182 Joey Novak Champion
195 Evan Anderson Champion

Girls State
114 Destiney Lofton 2nd Place

The team finished in 2nd behind Watertown/Mayer in team points with 157 compared to 178 for the champions.

We were short 2 weight classes with opens at 120 and 160.

The rest of the team battled hard and represented New Prague in great sportsmanship fashion.

113 Kyle McCarthy DNP
126 Cole Hermann 4th Place
132 Brady Westall 5th Place
170 Memphis Connelly DNP
220 Ian DeGross DNP
285 Brady Gregory DNP

Fantastic showing in the tough Section 2AA tourney!

Good Luck to all the wrestlers next weekend....Go Trojans!


Lofton Advances To Girls State Tournament

Destiney Lofton punched her ticket to the 1st ever Girls State Tournament. Lofton would go 4-1 losing a close one 1-0 to the eventual Champion in the semis. She would come back and win a true second match to place her in the first State Tournament for the Girls.

Destiney will be wrestling at the Xcel Energy Center on Mar.4th and 5th.

Congratulations Destiney!

Trojans Fall To Watertown/Mayer In The Finals

The Trojans battled hard on Saturday in the Section Semi Finals with a decisive win over St. Peter.

New Prague 41 St. Peter 21
106 – Lawson Eller (New Prague) over Brock Guth (St. Peter) Fall 1:41
113 – Kyle McCarthy (New Prague) over Ryan Moelter (St. Peter) Dec 8-2
120 – Brandon Michel (New Prague) over Charlie Born (St. Peter) Dec 8-2
126 – Cole Herrmann (New Prague) over Deontre Torres (St. Peter) Dec 5-2
132 – Brady Westall (New Prague) over Evan Walter (St. Peter) Dec 8-6
138 – Koy Buesgens (New Prague) over Nakiye Mercado (St. Peter) TF 20-5
145 – Luke Dorweiler (New Prague) over Harold Born (St. Peter) Dec 6-3
152 – Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) over Taylen Travaille (St. Peter) Fall 1:37
160 – Brogan Hanson (St. Peter) over Evan Farley (New Prague) Dec 11-6
170 – Cole Filand (St. Peter) over Memphis Connelly (New Prague) Fall 1:14
182 – Joey Novak (New Prague) over Kole Guth (St. Peter) Fall 1:54
195 – Evan Anderson (New Prague) over Leighton Robb (St. Peter) SV-1 6-4
220 – Oziel Hildago (St. Peter) over Ian DeGross (New Prague) Fall 3:38
285 – Connor Travaille (St. Peter) over Brady Gregory (New Prague) Fall 1:05

The Trojans would be in a tight one that went back in forth with Watertown/Mayer. In the end, the Trojans would come up one point short of advancing to State.

106 – Titan Friederichs (Watertown-Mayer) over Kyle McCarthy (New Prague) Fall 2:51
113 – Lawson Eller (New Prague) over Parker Jackson (Watertown-Mayer) Maj 10-1
120 – Aaron Bury (Watertown-Mayer) over Brandon Michel (New Prague) Dec 6-0
126 – Jonah Hamberger (Watertown-Mayer) over Cole Herrmann (New Prague) Dec 6-4
132 – Brady Westall (New Prague) over Jack Entinger (Watertown-Mayer) Dec 2-0
138 – Luke Dorweiler (New Prague) over Eli Hamberger (Watertown-Mayer) Fall 2:29
145 – Koy Buesgens (New Prague) over Steven Duske (Watertown-Mayer) Fall 0:35
152 – Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) over Patrick Duske (Watertown-Mayer) TF 24-9
160 – Bryce Burkett (Watertown-Mayer) over Evan Farley (New Prague) Dec 5-0
170 – Tanner Burmeister (Watertown-Mayer) over Derek Schaap (New Prague) Maj 19-7
182 – Joey Novak (New Prague) over Jonah Blakstad (Watertown-Mayer) Inj 1:32
195 – Jackson Drahos (Watertown-Mayer) over Evan Anderson (New Prague) Dec 2-1
220 – Ashton Congdon (Watertown-Mayer) over Alex Gregory (New Prague) Fall 0:13
285 – Hunter Stein (Watertown-Mayer) over Ian DeGross (New Prague) Dec 6-3

The Trojans finished a great season with a 28-6 record.

The Individual Section Tournament begins on Friday in Delano, hopefully we send a bunch of wrestlers to State.

Go Trojans!

Two Trojan Wrestlers Competing In ALL Girls Sections Today

Destiney Lofton and Kaitlyn Medina will be competing today in the first ever all girls section tournament. Should they advance to State they will wrestle at the Xcel Energy Center on Mar 3-5th.

Good Luck Ladies!

Trojans Advance To Section Semis

The Trojans took care of business on Thursday night defeating Mankato East 59-21 to advance to the Semi-Finals on Saturday.

They will face St. Peter at 3PM in Watertown Mayer.

Go Trojans!

Updated Ranking Are Out and Trojans Move Up to #6AA

The Trojans moved up one spot in the rankings to #6AA with their win against now #7AA Watertown/Mayer. 

#1AA Simley
#2AA Kasson/Mantorville
#3AA Becker
#4 Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus
#5AA Big Lake
#6AA New Prague
#7AA Watertown/Mayer
#8AA Fairmont County West
#9AA Thief River Falls
#10AA Scott West
#11AA Annandale/Maple Lake
#12AA Hutchinson/Buffalo Lake Hector Stewart

 Joey Novak moved up to the #1 Spot at 182lbs
Koy Buesgens #1 at 138
Colton Bornholdt #3 at 145
Evan Anderson #3 at 195
Lawson Eller #3 at 106
Evan Farley #7 at 152

Go Trojans!

Trojans Finish Regular Season With A Huge Win!

The #7AA New Prague Trojans had to travel to Watertown/Mayer to face conference foe #6AA Watertown/Mayer. Winner of this dual would earn the #1 Seed for the section tournament.

The night would start off with a great back and forth match between #4AA Lawson Eller and #6AA Titan Friederichs. Eller would come out on top with a 7-4 nail biter decision. Kyle McCarthy would get down big early 8-0 but would battle back and lose by an 8-5 decision. Brandon Michel had a nice win at 120 5-4 to make the team score 6-3 New Prague. Cole Hermann dropped down to 126 and the cut paid off as Cole would pick up a Pin. Brady Westall wrestled up at 132 and lose a close one 6-5 making the score 12-6 New Prague.

Luke Dorweiler would come out a 138 and pick up a big pin to extend the lead to 18-6. Colton Bornholdt would come out at 145 with an injured pinkie but that only slowed him down a bit and Colton would score the  tech fall victory 22-7. Koy Buesgens returned to the mat after taking a knee to the eye in the Orono Invite. Koy would come away with a 19-4 Tech fall. Team score in now 28-6 New Prague. WM would get a major decision and a pin at 160 and 170 bringing the match closer 28-16. Joey Novak would get a big pin at 182 and Evan Anderson returned to mat after a week off and came away with a 7-1 victory sealing the dual for the Trojans. Alex Gregory would lose by fall at 220 and Brady Gregory would take #9AA Hunter Stein to overtime before losing by fall.

Team Score 37-28 New Prague and with victory earned the #1 seed for the section team tournament which will take place Feb. 17th and 19th.

The Trojans ended the regular season with an impressive 26-5 overall record. New Prague will be hosting the quarterfinal match in New Prague on Feb. 17th and then the semis and finals will be held on Feb. 19th at Watertown/Mayer HS.

Go Trojans!

Trojans Place 4th at Orono Invite

Saturday the Trojans headed out early in the morning to participate in a varsity and junior varsity individual tournament at Orono.  There were 20 total teams at this event with 7 of those teams being ranked in their prospective class.  The Trojan varsity team entered a little short handed but they battled well enough to take fourth in the team standings.  Individual place winner's for the Trojans were:  Lawson Eller CHAMPION, Koy Buesgens CHAMPION, Luke Dorweiler 3rd place, Joey Novak CHAMPION, Ian DeGross 5th place.  On the junior varsity side of the event we had 16 individuals participating.  All of them received several matches and saw some success.  Events like this are so important for the development of our future.  Among the 16 competitors, we had six walk away undefeated.  Those wrestlers were: Tommy Vaughan, Jordan Schmitz, Noah Block, Frank Giesen, Aiden Ettlin, and Luke Jacobson.  


Trojans will be back in action Friday night against #3AAA Waconia in Waconia. Shawn Bornholdt will be doing Facebook live.

Trojans Rout Stormhawks 64-10

The Trojans continued their winning ways on Friday night with a big win over Chaska/Chan. The matmen would win 12-of 14 matches and walk away with a 64-10 victory. Improving their season record to 22-4.

The match of the night going into the dual was right away at 106 where #4AA Lawson Eller would face #8AAA Stephan Dragos. Lawson would get a quick takedown and never look back, dominating this match with a 15-0 Tech Fall.

Trojans getting wins tonight:


They will be back in action tomorrow morning participating in the Orono Invite,  This is an individual tourney and will not be on Facebook Live.

Go Trojans!

Trojans Improve to 21-4 With 2 Big Wins

The wrestlers continued their hot streak with pair of big wins on Thursday night. The Trojans opened up with a win over Conference foe in Robbinsdale Cooper 84-0.

The second match of the night was with conference rival TCU. They would wrestle fantastic and win 12of 14 matches. The biggest match of this night was #3AA 145 Colton Bornholdt vs #4AA 152 Caleb Whipps. This match was wrestled at 152 and Colton would come away with a 5-2 decision victory. Getting wins for the Trojans were:

B. Gregory


Trojans turn around and wrestle Chaska/Chan tonight in New Prague!

Go Trojans!

Trojans Go 5-0, Win Big At Zelinski Memorial

The wrestlers made the most of their long drive to Greenfield Wisconsin to defend their Championship at the Zelinski Memorial.

The Trojans wrestled fantastic on Saturday and really out wrestled all their opponents. They would win all 5 matches and none of them were really close or in question. We would get wins over Marquette High School 77-6, Kenosha/Bradford 69-6 in the pool rounds.

We would then face the toughest competition and the # 1 seed. #7 Mukwonago would have 6 ranked wrestlers. The Trojans had a great start with wins at 106, 113, 120 and 126 to jump out to an 18-0 lead. The match of the day occurred at 145 where #1AA Koy Buesgens would go up a weight class and face off against #1 Div 1 Cody Goebel. This match did not disappoint as it was a close match with plenty of scrambles. Koy would come away with the victory 4-2 in overtime. Colton Bornholdt wrestled up a weight class to take on #4 Zach Eliszewski and Colton would get the win 7-4 Trojans go on to win 45-21 in their closest match of the day.

Next up was Beaver Dam, this one would not be close with the Trojans winning 12 of hte 14 matches for a 70-6 victory.

The last dual of the day had us taking on a powerhouse in #13 Stoughton. The Trojans would have some tough competition early with two of the 1st three wrestlers ranked #1 and the 132 pounder ranked 4th. The dual would start at 120 and to our surprise the Trojans would lead this one 12-9 after the first 4 matches after Luke Dorwieler defeated #4 ranked Cole Sarbacker. Evan Farley would get an upset at 160 with a win over #8 Trent Dow.
The Trojans never looked back and went on to win 57-21.







Awesome Tournament Trojans!

Trojans Roll Past Orono 66-6

The Matmen came out swinging on Thursday night against conference rival Orono and won big by the score of 66-6.

The Trojans will be traveling to Whitnall High School just outside of Milwaukee this weekend to take part in the Zelinski Memorial Tournament. This tournament features some of the top ranked teams in Wisconsin. The last time they wrestled in this tournament, they beat the #1 and #2 ranked teams in Wisconsin to win the tourney in 2020.

Shawn Bornholdt will be bringing you the Facebook live starting at 9:10AM on Saturday. 

Go Trojans!

Wrestlers Hit Milestones The Last Few Weeks

3 Trojan wrestlers hit milestones the last few weeks. Colton Bornholdt got his 100th win during The Clash tournament in LaCrosse, Koy Buesgens picked up his 100th victory this week and Evan Anderson won for the 75th time on varsity.

Congrats guys...keep it going!

Trojans Champions At Kiffmeyer Duals

The wresters had another good showing with winning the Kiffmeyer Duals in St. Cloud on Saturday.

The Trojans would defeat #16AAA Cambridge/Isanti 40-28, Sauk Rapids 72-10 and the in the Championship match, they defeated #7AAA Willmar 41-23.

Individual records:

Eller 3-0
McCarthy 1-2
Michel 2-1
Westall 2-1
Pauly 0-2
Dorweiler 3-0
Buesgens 3-0
Bornholdt 3-0
Farley 3-0
Johnson 2-0
Giesen 1-2
Novak 3-0
Anderson 3-0
Elgren 1-2

Next Up the Trojans will be at Orono on Thursday!

Go Trojans!

Trojans Keep The Hwy 13 Sign With Big Win Over Prior Lake

The New Prague Trojans Hosted the Prior Lake Lakers in the annual Highway 13 Battle. This event features all levels of wrestlers to compete. The Middle School wrestlers started the competition around 4:30, followed by the K-6 wrestlers, JV and then capped off with the Varsity under the lamp at 7:30.

The Trojans came out firing at 106 with a Pin by Kyle McCarthy to earn his first win wrestling at the varsity level. Lawson Eller bumped up to 113 to face Finn Bloomquist and Lawson would not disappoint, coming away with a Major decision victory.

Brandon Michel would step on the mat at 120 and after going down 2-0 in the first, came back with a dominating 2nd and 3rd period scoring near fall twice and going on to win 6-2.

New Prague would forfeit at 126 bringing the team score to 13-6. Brady Westall and Luke Dorweiler scored pins at 132 and 138 and Koy Buesgens gets a Major Decision at 145. Evan Farley continued the winning streak with a tech fall as did Colton Bornholdt at 160 making the score 39-6. 
We would forfeit at 170 and Frank Giesen would get pinned by #2AAA Cole Edwards at 182. Up next in his season debut coming off a football injury was Joey Novak, ranked #2AA. He would get a 2nd period pin, welcome back Joey! Evan Anderson would get a major decision victory at 220 and Payton Elgren would lose by pin bringing the final score, New Prague 49 Prior Lake 24. 

A nice team effort to retain the Hwy 13 sign.

Up next the Trojans travel to St. Cloud on Saturday to compete in the Kiffmeyer Duals.

Go Trojans!

Trojans Drop One Spot In The Rankings To #10

The updated rankings came out on Thursday and the Trojans as a team dropped one spot to #10AA. The only real change in the top 10 outside of us dropping one spot was Watertown/Mayer which moved up 4 spots to #7AA. Watertown is in our section and we do have them on the schedule in a makeup dual on Feb 8th.

AA Top 10

1 Simley
2 Kasson/Mantorville
3 Becker
4Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus
5 Big Lake
6 Thief River Falls
7 Watertown/Mayer
8 Dassel/ Cokato-Litchfield
9 Fairmont County West
10 New Prague

5 Individuals are in the rankings:

Eller #4 at 106
Buesgens #1 at 138
Bornholdt #3 at 145 
Novak #2 at 182
Anderson #4 at 195

The Trojans have not been healthy and have been without Joey Novak all year, he is back in the lineup and look for New Prague to be a much better team with him in the lineup.

Go Trojans!

Trojans Battle Hard At The Clash; Place 20th

The wrestlers traveled to LaCrosse Wi this past weekend to battle in an extremely tough tournament, The Clash! The Trojans would have a first round match up with the #1 team in Alabama, Thompson HS. The matmen were outmatched in this one suffering their first loss of the season 48-15. They would come back with 2 wins over Stewartville 54-18  and a nice win over #13AAA Wayzata 43-27. 

That 5th place finish in the opening round would have them in a pretty tough bracket with #5 Holmen WI, #10AAA Northfield and #6 North Scott IA. The Trojans would battle hard but go 0-3 on the second day to finish in 20th place out of 32 teams. Scores of the matches were:

Holmen 41-26
Northfield 35-33
North Scott 37-28

The Trojans are back in action on Thursday when they will host the Hwy 13 Battle with Prior Lake, this is a k-12 event with all levels battling it out for the coveted HWY 13 Sign.

Go Trojans!

Trojans Compete In The Tough Rumble on The Red; Buesgens Champ at 138!

Both the Varsity and the JV battled over the last two days at one of the bigger and tougher tournaments during Christmas break, the Rumble On The Red in Fargo, ND.

The Varsity won this event the last time it was held in 2019. This year they would go in a little short handed and only have 10 wrestlers for the event. The Trojans were open at 113 and 285 because of injury; 160, 170 and 182 because those weights wrestled JV.

The Trojans would have some success early and in the end finished in 7th place out of 61 teams.

Junior Koy Buesgens would lead the team in points with a Championship at 138lbs. Junior Colton Bornholdt would have another strong tournament placing 5th at 145lbs. and Lawson Eller continues his good season with a nice 4th place finish! 

Wrestlers results:
Eller 4-2 4th Place
Michel 1-2
Westall 2-2
Hermann 0-2
Buesgens 5-0 Champ
Dorweiler 3-2
Bornholdt 5-2 5th
Farley 3-2
Anderson 3-2
DeGross 2-2

Top Ten Teams

#2A Jackson County Central  156.5
#4AAA Stillwater 145.5
#1AAA Bismark High 111.5
#2AAA Waconia 110.5
#3AA Big Lake 107.0
#4A Royalton/Upsula 96.5
#9AA New Prague 95.5
#4A Rapid City Stevens 79.5
#13AAA Wayzata 76.5
Dawson/Boyd 76.5

Job Well Done Trojans!

JV Battles Hard Up At The Rumble On The Red

The JV Squad had 17 wrestlers competing in the tough Rumble On The Red in Fargo, ND. The team would place 13th out of 63 teams.

Payton Elgren placed 2nd and Derrick Schaap placed 6th, here is the list of wrestlers and how they faired:

Farley 0-2
McCarthy 4-2
Lofton 1-2
Feit 2-2
Pauly 2-2
Schmitz 4-2
Schaap 4-3 6th Place
Block 2-2
Conyers 0-2
Tietz 1-2
Johnson 0-2
Connelly 2-2
Prochaska 3-2
Ettlin 3-2
Elgren 4-1 2nd Place
Herder 2-2
Jacobson 1-2

Job Well Done!

Trojans Improve To 7-0 On The Year

The Trojans hosted a pair of Conference opponents and a Section rival in New Prague on Tuesday night. The Trojans opened up against Bloomington Kennedy winning 54-25. They would next face Benilde St. Margarets and defeat the Knights, 72-12. They would finish the evening off with Mound Westonka and beat them 60-18. Three good wins for the Trojans to improve their regular season record to 7-0.

Memphis Connelly, Kyle McCarthy and Easton Farley recorded their first varsity victories last night, congrats guys!

Wrestlers going 3-0 last night were:

Lawson Eller
Brady Westall
Luke Dorweiler
Koy Buesgens
Evan Farley
Frank Giesen
Evan Anderson

The Trojans will be back in action next Wednesday when they will be competing in the Rumble On The Red Ind. Tournament in Fargo ND.

Go Trojans!

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Trojans Compete In The Christmas Tournament, Buesgens Champ at 138!

The Trojan wrestling team wrestled in one of the toughest tournaments around this past weekend in Rochester. The Christmas Tournament; featured 10 of the top 12 teams in AAA and 3 of the top 10 Teams in AA. There was also a nationally ranked team from South Dakota and 5 top 10 teams from Wisconsin. 

The Highlight of the tournament was Koy Buesgens capturing the title at 138lbs with another big win in the finals over Nationally ranked Grayson Clark of Kaukauna WI. 6-5. Koy would also beat the #2 ranked wrestler in Wisconsin, Max Ronsman in the semis 11-2. Great Tourney Koy! 

Colton Bornholdt was the other Trojan that had success going 4-2 for a 5th place finish. Colton, #4AA would beat Cash Raymond #3AA from Simley twice the last victory for 5th place. Nice job Colton.

The rest of the team battled hard and got some great experience in this extremely tough tournament. The Trojans did have 4 starters out and Tommy Vaughan did get injured in his first match and had to Medical Forfeit both of his matches with a dislocated elbow. 

The rest of the team and their records:

Eller 3-2
Vaughan 0-2 MFF
Lofton 0-2
Michel 2-2
Westall 1-2
Block 0-2
Connelly 0-2
Giesen 0-2
Gregory 1-2

The Trojans finished in 22nd place out of 38 teams.

The wrestlers will be back in action on Tuesday as they will be hosting a quad with Benilde/St. Margaret's, Mound and Kennedy.

Trojans Improve to 4-0 With Big Win Over Scott West

The wrestlers improved their record to 4-0 with a big Section rivalry win over Scott West 42-29. The dual started out with pin at 106 by Lawson Eller to give the Trojans a 6-0 lead. Tommy Vaughan would lose by Tech fall to Caleb Tracy to bring it to a 6-5 lead. At 120lbs, Brandon Michel would give us a very exciting match and come away with victory by decision over Mason Breegemann. Destiney Lofton would lose by fall over #2AA Matt Randolph. Brady Westall would have his hands full with #2AA Zach Tracy, Brady would wrestle a good match and lose 4-0. #1AA Koy Buesgens gets a first period fall to bring the team score to 15-14 New Prague. Colton Bornholdt ranked #4AA at 145 would win by a medical forfeit after Landon Church would go down with an ankle injury. Luke Dorweiler and Evan Farley score back to back pins making it 33-14. Noah Block and Frank Geisen lost by fall and Evan Anderson #4AA would win a close one by the score of 1-0. That would set up a critical match at  220 where Senior, Ian DeGross wrestling in his first match ever would face Hunter Lilleskov. What does Ian do, only scores a 2nd period pin, giving the Trojans a  guaranteed victory. Brady Gregory would lose a close match 3-0 to Carson Schoenbauer. Final score, Trojans 42-Scott West 29. 

The Trojans will be back in action next weekend wrestling in one of the toughest individual tournaments of the year, The Christmas Tournament in Rochester.

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Trojans Win New Prague Invite

The Trojan wrestling team started their season on Saturday with hosting the New Prague Invite. The team wrestled well and came away with the championship.

In the first round they defeated Austin by the score of 69-12, they beat Eastridge 80-0 and they had a closer match with Section 2 rival St. Peter 40-27. All in all a good day of wrestling. 

Trojans going 3-0 on were:

Eller, Vaughan, Michel, Westall, Buesgens, Dorweiler, Bornholdt, Farley and Anderson.

2-1 were Lofton, Geisen and Gregory.

1-2 were Block and Ellgren.

The Trojans will be back in action on Friday night wrestling Watertown/Mayer and Chaska/Chanhassen.

Go Trojans!

Pre Season Rankings Are Out; New Prague #10 in AA 5 Individuals Ranked

The Pre-Season rankings are out and the New Prague Trojans are in the top 10 as a team. Here is the top 12 for AA.

1. Simley (4)
2. Kassson-Mantorville (1)
3. Fairmont County West (3)
4. Princeton (6)
5. Becker (6)
6. Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus (8)
7. Big Lake (6)
8. Dassel/Cokato-Litchfield (6)
9. Thief River Falls (8)
10. New Prague (2)
11. Watertown Mayer (2)
12. Foley (6)

Scott West St. Peter and TCU are in the Lean and Mean for section 2AA.

The Trojans have 5 ranked wrestlers and they are:

Lawson Eller #3 at 106lbs
Koy Buesgens #1 at 138lbs
Colton Bornholdt #3 145lbs
Joey Novak #2 at 182lbs
Evan Anderson #4 at 195lbs


Buesgens Competes At The Super 32; Places 2nd

Junior's Koy Buesgens and Colton Bornholdt were competing in the Toughest High School tournament in the country this past weekend!

The Super 32 takes place in Greensboro, NC with wrestlers representing 46 states and Canada. This tournament had over 1650 wresters and majority of them are place winners at their individual state tournaments. This years class included 377 State Champions.

Koy Buesgens had a tremendous tournament. He is a State Champ at 126lbs and entered this years Super 32 at 132lbs. He would have the #1 ranked wrestler in Nic Bousakis in his bracket. 

Koy was the 11th seed in a bracket that consisted of 168 wrestlers. Koy would win his opening round match 11-1. He would continue with 3 more wins to get the quarterfinals. He would face a wrestler from Arizona that placed 2nd up in Fargo in July in Emilio Ysaguirre ranked #17 in the country. Koy would continue his great run with a UTB sudden death victory to advance to the Semi Finals.  He would face the #10 seed Mac Church, who just upset the #2 seed in the quarters. Koy's impressive run would continue with a 10-2 victory.  

The only opponent left in the bracket was the #1 ranked wrestler in the country and the #1 seed, Nic Bousakis out of Florida. Koy would wrestle another great match but came up short after getting in on a low single to an ankle. Bousakis would score the take down and win the title 6-4.  Placing 2nd at the Super 32 is a great accomplishment, congratulations Koy!

Colton Bornholdt wrestled well and went 2 and 2 at this extremely tough tournament. Colton had 168 wrestlers in his 138lb bracket. Job well done Colton!

Wrestlers Move Conferences and Sections for 2021_22 Season

The New Prague Wrestling team will be competing in a different Conference and Section this year. They will be a member of the Metro West conference which includes, Benilde St. Margarets, Bloomington Jefferson, Bloomington Kennedy, Chanhassen, Chaska, Orono, Robbinsdale Cooper, St. Louis Park and Waconia.

We will dropping down to Section 2AA a very familiar section for New Prague, we will be reuniting with the likes of Scott West and TCU. The complete section includes; Delano, Glencoe-Silver Lake, Mankato East, Mankato West, Mound Westonka, Orono, Rockford, St. Peter and Watertown-Mayer.


Below is the link to the youth wrestling parent meeting we held on October 13.  If you were unable to attend or had to jump off, here is a recorded video of it.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the coaches.

Trojans Schedule Is Released

Trojan Wrestling will be strong again in 2021/22. The season will start on Nov. 22nd with the first practice. The first event will be the New Prague Invite on Dec 4th. A complete schedule is listed below.

We plan on covering each match again on Facebook live thanks to our sponsors!

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2021/22 Schedule

Dec. 4th New Prague Invite Austin, Eastridge and St. Peter

Dec. 11th @ ScottWest (K-12 event)

Dec 17th-18th MN Christmas Tournament in Rochester

Dec. 21st Bloomington Kennedy/BSM/Mound @ New Prague

Dec. 29th-30th Rumble On The Red Fargo

Jan. 7th-8th The Clash in Rochester

Jan. 8th TCU Invite

Jan. 13th HWY 13 Battle (K-12 Event) in New Prague

Jan. 15th St. Cloud Kiffmeyer Duals

Jan. 20th @ Orono

Jan. 22nd Zelinski Memorial  @ Whitnall HS Wisconsin

Jan. 27th TCU with Robbinsdale Cooper

Jan. 28th Chaska/Chanhassen in New Prague

Jan. 29th Orono Invite

Feb. 4th Waconia in New Prague

Feb. 5th Minnetonka Duals

Feb. 8th WMML 

Feb. 12th JV Tournament Lakeville South

Feb. 17th-19th Team Sections

Feb. 25th-26th Ind. Sections

Mar. 3rd-5th State Tourney Xcel Energy Center

Plenty of good matchups with ranked teams this year. Should be a fun season.

Go Trojans!


9/29/21 New Prague Youth Wrestling Information Meeting

If you missed to information meeting about the youth options, here is the recorded meeting.

New Prague Wrestling Registration is OPEN NOW!

Click on the link below to register for New Prague Youth Wrestling.  

Looking forward to another great season!

Youth Registration

Follow this link for all New Prague Youth Wresting options for the 2021-22 season.

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